Karu Löwenkamp

Resonance Therapy
The joy of feeling healthy

The crippling effect of disease

It brings up worries
and feelings of hopelessness.
It can feel like an endless battle.

You don’t know where the symptoms are coming from
and regular healthcare has not helped you or only very little.


connect back to the source of your joy, feeling healthy and energized

Back to youthfulness

Many of the clients that I have treated over the past years with obscure conditions have been reestablished with their natural state of youthfulness, full of energy, feeling vibrant again.

Through my resonance healing treatment, psychological suppressed emotions and patterns can come up, but they are meant to give you insights into the cause of your suffering.

Your source of freedom
is much deeper than solving physical symptoms.

My diagnose with MS led me to finding
the AN-Di energetic treatment and
the psychological cause of my disease.
read my story…

Through the Healing Journey* that I offer,
I will help you bring back your energy levels
and shift your perspective, so your improvements will last.

About me

My name is Karu Löwenkamp. Three years ago I started to experience glimpses of my True Self. I recognized the space that I am. Suddenly there was so much freedom, liberation. Not being bound to this body and this personal story anymore.

Everything shifted. I got connected to my calling and started living it. My highest joy is to show other people a way to freedom.

Resonance Therapy

Healing Journey*

multiple sessions | price depends on duration

You will be treated multiple times with the ANDI Energetic Corrector to get your energy levels back as soon as possible. Contact me for a free 20 minute intake call.

Introduction Treatment

1 hour | €85

If you want to experience the treatment first before committing to a healing journey, you can book an introductory treatment* with the ANDI Energetic Corrector.

*It takes at least a few treatments to see and feel results.

*I do not claim to heal you. I am not a doctor. Read the treatment page and the small letters for more information.


The treatments with the AN-Di Energetic Corrector happen on location in Bussum, the Netherlands. Coaching can be done online as well.

Phone number (also Whatsapp): ‭
+49 170 7749469‬